14100 Hwy 171 Cresson

Cresson, TX

This property is located on Hwy 171 in Cresson, Texas, approximately 55 miles from DFW Airport and approximately 65 miles from Dallas Love Field Airport. Interchanging with three Class 1 railroads and TXPF, this industrial lot is ideal for businesses looking to grow and prosper through rail services.

Our competitive rates, outstanding customer service, and exclusive portfolio of real estate makes FWWR the perfect partner for your industrial development. If your company is looking for rail property to buy or lease, please contact Business Development at 817-763-8297.

Property Information

Plot Details

  • 17 Acres
  • Attainment
  • Zone: Industrial


  • 32°31’44.32”N, 97°36’41.24”W
  • 32°31’36.59”N, 97°36’28.93”W
  • 32°31’31.53”N, 97°36’33.46”W
  • 32°31’37.63”N, 97°36’43.14”W
  • 32°31’40.21”N, 97°36’40.90”W
  • 32°31’41.63”N, 97°36’43.28”W

50 mile radius from Cresson, TX to these surrounding cities:

  • Aledo
  • Burleson
  • Fort Worth
  • Granbury
  • Stephenville
  • Weatherford


  • DFW – 55
  • Love Field – 65

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